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The Mephisto Kiss - Trinity Faegen

Book title: The Mephisto Kiss

Author: Trinity Faegen

Series: The Mephisto Covenant #2

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This book is such a surprise for me because I just started this book to not expecting so many thing just have fun. But the book is so good and actually better than the first one. When I finished the book, I just want to read the third and I guess the last one. I think the third one will better than this one because I can't wait to read the Phoenix and Mariah's story.


I was surprised when I started the book and see the different character's plot. But I think this one is better 
because we can see the previous characters too. In the first book of the series, we read Sasha and Jax's love story. I really liked that too. But in this book we read Jordan and Key's love story. This book has more complicated love story and this is so intriguing. Jordan has no chance to live because in the beginning of the book, she dies and she has to choose Key or being dead. I guess you know the selected thing that's obvious :)
I love Key so much but I can't tell same thing about Jordan. Because in the whole book she acts like an idiot and that annoyed me. I know she has been through so much things but she is wrong about Key situation. He doesn't deserve her.


You can read the book before the first one but I will warn you this book has series has a different mythology so if you want to understand the plot quickly I suggest read the first one and then this one.

I really liked the sequel of The Mephisto and I can't wait to read more about this series..