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Book title: Into The Still Blue

Author: Veronica Rossi

Series: Under The Never Sky #3

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Under The Never Sky series is one of the most exciting and thrilling dystopia I've everread. I just started this series one year ago and I read first and second book repeatedly. This serie might be my holiday series because when I went to holiday I just pick up this series and this is going to be so enjoyable.

Characters are so unique and abilities for fighting. Perry is a Seer and that means he can sense. Aria and Roar is an Aud and that means they can hear extraordinarily good.
The action never stop in Into The Still Blue so that means you never want to drop out; although you don't want to finish either. Because this is the final book of the brilliant series.


*Spoilers ahead about the first and second book


The book starts with Aria and we can see how badly she has shotten. She is suffering and she couldn't believe what was happening.
Because Sable and Hess took Cinder and Perry feels guilty for thinking this might be his fault. But it's not.
I just want to see dead Sable's face in a whole book because he does bad things to all of the characters. He killed Liv and that was the wost part for Roar.
I feel so bad for Roar because he really loves Liv and he thinks her death is his fault. He wathed her death in his own eyes. That's just so sad and I just hope that might be a chance to Liv is alive and came back.



Aria and Perry have a arguments but when they are coming back together, I just realize they meant to be together and noone can seperate them.
Soren is more different in this book and we can see his change. He became a good boy and that just makes me happy.
Sable is the most horrible character and I never had a symphaty for him. Ever.
Hess is working with Sable and that means he is bad too but not as much as Sable I think.
I feel so sad about Cinder because he is different from other people and this makes he is target.


If you love dystopia with interesting plot and intriguing events, you should read this amazing series. Under The Never Sky is one of my favorite series and I am so happy for reading such an amazing series. Thank you Veronica Rossi. I am following your other plans for books right now. :)