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Book title: Fangirl

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Series: No series involved

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First of all, I just want to make a good review for Fangirl because this book has a lot of meaning for me. Fangirl is one of the most amazing book I read in 2014 and I can admit that Fangirl is one of my favorite book so far. And this book is probably the funniest and most realistic book I read in 2014. Everything in Fangirl make me smile and happy. And the biggest supply is of course Levi and Levi's smiles.


Firstly, I want to introduce characters. All of the characters are amazing and having problems. And this issues didn't make the book worse, contrarily it makes better because the characters seem more realistic.

Cath is a new university student and she is Simon Snow fan. For this reason she write a fanfiction about Simon Snow and she came popular in the internet.


Cath has a twin too. Her name is Wren. She is also love Simon Snow too but she is more sociable than Cath and she wants to stay with someone in the university campus. For this reason Cath is upset and has to stay with her new roommate; Reagan.


Reagan is not so talkative neither Cath is. So their friendship is a little weird. Contrarily Levi who is Reagan's boyfriend is such a talkative person and also so smiley. He is awesome about everything. He is tall, slim, blonde and so cute.

His ten thousand smiles worth the world's burning.


By the way, Cath's fanfiction has a lot place in the book too. She is introvert person so her only free-time activity is writing fanfiction about Simon and Baz.

But when she meet with Levi, her life changes suddenly. Levi makes her different and she is afraid for falling in love with him because he is her roommate's boyfriend.

I don't want to give spoilers to you but I claim that if you love young adult books and you are a bookworm, you need to read Fangirl.

Cath is like me; a book worm and not so talkative. This makes me think and see more realistic for what happens. It's like I am not the only one who falling in love with books and obsessed and this makes me happy to read.


You just love the characters, the plot, Levi and Levi's smiles and the other things about books.


Fangirl is a must read for bookworms, I had comcerns about Fangirl before I started to read but when I started the book, concerns are all gone and I only think that I am falling in love with book and I can't stop thinking about how Rainbow Rowell's writing can be better and attractive. It's impossible. Rainbow Rowell did a great job for bookworms.

I just want to read all of books Rainbow wrote and firstly I decided to read Eleanor&Park because I see a lot of recommendations. I believe I love the other books Rainbow wrote like I love Fangirl.